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Spoken English for Mechanical Engineers

This book is a collection of role-play situations and conversations for mechanical engineers to learn conversational English. Mechanical engineers have studied their engineering in English. Hence, they are already proficient in English. But some mechanical engineers are not confident in spoken English. These mechanical engineers can use role-play situations and conversations to practice by themselves or with a learning partner and become confident English speakers.

Global R&D outsourcing is witnessing exponential growth year on year. Communicating and collaborating with international companies is essential for mechanical engineers to be part of this ever-growing industry. The primary objective of this book is to make mechanical engineers confident English speakers, as English is the language of the global business community.

This book is also the story of Vikram, a mechanical engineering student. He starts his career as an intern and then gets a job in a multinational company. Finally, with his talent and hard work, he gets selected to travel to the USA for training. Throughout his journey, Vikram interacts with his friend, placement officer, head of the department, mentor, recruiter, interviewer, supervisor, visa officer, girlfriend, and a few more. This book provides spoken English conversation scripts of Vikram with these individuals, the way it happens in real life.