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This site is the hub for information and interactions for engineering services and engineering services outsourcing.

 Engineering services represent one of the largest sections of the industrial world, with an estimated 750 billion $ worth of value addition per year. These services comprise a vast swatche of design & support services essential for the functioning of practically every industry, spread across the entire spectrum of engineering.

 A significant portion of these services also are being outsourced and there is potential for more outsourcing in this field.This site provides an information and interaction platform for all the above mentioned areas.

 The sections below provide answers to the most commonly asked questions on engineering services and engineering services outsourcing. Please refer to the links on the left panel for services for specific engineering discipline.

What are engineering services?

What is engineering work?

How large is the engineering services domain?

Are engineering services prevalent equally all over the world?

Can you name some top industries that involve significant amounts of engineering services?

Why should engineering services be outsourced?

What types of engineering services are being outsourced?

Why can't some engineering services be outsourced in practice?

What are the engineering services that cannot be outsourced in practice?

How is it possible to offshore engineering services?

Which are the major offshore sites being considered for ESO? 

Are engineering services being outsourced to offshore centers such as India?

What is the exact process of an engineering services offshore outsourcing assignment?

What are the aspects that affect offshore outsourcing of engineering services? 

Who are the top ESO vendors?

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